What you can do with Clique Cities

Aggregating Social Activity

Unlike other social networks we wanted to create a platform that would have you interacting with yourClique(group of friends) more.

Build Your Clique

Create your group “Clique” so you can easily organize events and the media from those events. Also manage your Cliques by specific interest group ie. Dining Out Clique, Partying Clique, Skiing Clique, etc…


We believe you and yourCliquehave social influence and brands will reward you for being a brand ambassador!



Discover new events even by the events that are popular with your friends. Never again say I never heard of that event or I didn’t know that was going on.


Capture your great experience with yourCliqueand share it with those at the event or just your friends.

Media of Event

All in one place even check out other media from an event that you may not have even attended. We pull media from different events fromTwitterandInstagramusing#Hashtagsand associate it to the event.


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