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Flyers Wives Carnival

From Sunday 03/01/2015 at 01:30 PM

Wells Fargo Center, South Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA, United States  (Philadelphia)

By I'm Hosting Clique Cities 

The Flyers Wives Carnival is one of the oldest and most successful one-day charity events hosted by a professional sports franchise.  The Flyers Wives Carnival offers families a fun-filled afternoon at a very reasonable price, all for a good cause.Fans have the opportunity to meet Flyers players on a very personal level. Activities include: interactive games against players, Shot on Goal, Dunk Tank and a host of other family fun activities. Fans are also able to meet and receive autographs from Flyers players and Alumni.The first Carnival was held February 1, 1977. Later that year, one of the Flyers’ own, Barry Ashbee, died of leukemia. With his death came a truly heartfelt focus to the Flyers Wives Carnival.Since its inception Comcast-Spectacor Charities, which encompasses Flyers Charities and Global Spectrum Charities, has contributed $25 million to charity.  The funds raised during the annual Flyers Wives Carnival and other Comcast-Spectacor Charities fundraising events have helped support a multitude of worthy non-profit organizations that benefit everything from important healthcare initiatives such as: heart health and stroke and cancer awareness to various youth recreation programs and plenty more.  


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