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Beach Blanket Bingo 12th Planet, Candyland, Cash Cash, Gladiator, Loudpuck, pegboard Nerds

From Saturday 06/28/2014 at 04:00 PM

Wildwood, NJ, United States  (Wildwood)

By I'm Hosting Tim Lu 

Beach Blanket Bingo 12th Planet, Candyland, Cash Cash, Gladiator, Loudpuck, pegboard Nerds<br>The best beaches in New Jersey have not all been featured on MTV. And the best summer EDM festivals don’t always happen in parking lots and the desert.On Saturday June 28th; sun, surf, sound and sand will finally unite in epic fashion as Beach Buddy Events and Disco Donnie Presents bring you:<h2><a href="https://www.facebook.com/BeachBlanketBingoFestival" target="_blank" rel="">Beach Blanket Bingo</a></h2>Featuring 12th Planet, Candyland, Cash Cash, gLAdiator, Loudpvck and Pegboard Nerds. Opening sets by Br3akdown and our wavo.me contest winner. #BBB combines the best of New Jersey beaches, Philly/New Jersey EDM and bass music.<h2>About the Event</h2>Usually, the standard source of music for long days at the beach is an iPod and portable speaker. But this is a far cry from an ordinary day at the beach. We’re packing in all kinds of world-renowned talent for your dancing pleasure at Beach Blanket Bingo Festival 2014. 12th Planet, Candyland, Cash Cash, gLAdiator, LoudPvck, and Pegboard Nerds are all scheduled to get us movin’ on the shores. What could be better than sun, surf, sound and sand? Pretty much nothing.<h2>About Wildwood</h2>An award-winning boardwalk with 38 blocks of stores, shops, water parks, eateries and amusement as well as 5 miles of useable beach make Wildwood the perfect location for summer EDM festivals.<br>


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Cash Cash

From Saturday 10/11/2014 at 10:00 PM

Marquee Nightclub, South Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas, NV, United States  (Las Vegas)

By I'm Hosting Vegas Cliqu 

Cash Cash @ Marquee Nightclub Las Vegas


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Cash Cash with Carlos Melange

From Saturday 02/28/2015 at 10:00 PM

Mixx at Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa, Borgata Way, Atlantic City, NJ, United States  (Atlantic City)

By I'm Hosting Clique Cities 

Cash Cash with Carlos Melange @ Mixx Borgata Atlantic City<br>Buy Tickets:<br><a href="http://ev6.evenue.net/cgi-bin/ncommerce3/SEGetEventInfo?ticketCode=GS%3AGLOBAL-BORGATA%3ABOR15%3AMX0228%3A&amp;linkID=global-borgata&amp;shopperContext&amp;__utma=264023178.2146198559.1421872392.1421872392.1421875042.2&amp;__utmb=264023178.0.10.1421875056&amp;__utmc=264023178&amp;__utmx=-&amp;__utmz=264023178.1421875042.2.2.utmcsr%3Dfacebook.com|utmccn%3D(referral)|utmcmd%3Dreferral|utmcct%3D/&amp;__utmv=-&amp;__utmk=104246403" target="" rel="">http://ev6.evenue.net/cgi-bin/ncommerce3/SEGetEventInfo?ticketCode=GS%3AGLOBAL-BORGATA%3ABOR15%3AMX0...</a>&amp;<br><br><br><br><br><br>


DJ , 21+ ages , Nightlife ...

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